Building on nature’s principles, ChainCraft has developed a platform technology to produce sustainable and circular fatty acids for the agrifood and chemical & materials industries. In our unique biotechnological process different types of organic residues are robustly converted into the following short and medium chain fatty acids (SCFA & MCFA):

·        butyric acid (C4)

·        valeric acid or pentanoic acid (C5)

·        caproic acid or hexanoic acid (C6)

·        heptanoic acid (C7)

·        caprylic acid or octanoic acid (C8)

In our current demonstration facility these acids are produced as a ‘salt’ in powder form. In our next factory, a full scale production plant, the acids will be produced as a liquid in their ‘acid’ form. The acids can subsequently be converted to  alcohol or ester derivatives, for example.

The so-called ‘chain elongation technology’ is ChainCraft’s first commercial scale proven technology. Building upon the wide variety of possibilities which open mixed culture fermentation bring, we are developing other innovative processes and products to be able to contribute to a circular and sustainable chemical industry.