The chemical industry is one of the most polluting industries worldwide, accounting for 14% of the greenhouse gas emissions and 7-9% of the energy consumption globally. This is partly because petro- and oleochemical companies have increasingly exploited fossil fuels and palm oil to meet the steadily growing demand for fatty acids from the agri-food and material industries. To comply with the EU sustainable development goals, chemical companies need to move away from fossil and palm oil.

Meanwhile, municipalities and agri-food industries produce more than 200 million tonnes of food waste annually, urgently requiring new recycling solutions. To address these needs, ChainCraft developed a circular economic solution: we take organic residues from municipalities and food industries, transform them into medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA), and supply them to the agri-food and chemicals & materials industries. We will provide fully green, high quality, and price competitive MCFA, while reducing greenhouse gas emission by 70% compared to the oleochemical process and energy consumption by 50% compared to the petrochemical process.