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Animal Nutrition & Health

In order to boost health and performance of livestock, antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) have been widely used in animal production for many years. Nowadays alternatives are needed as AGPs have been banned in an increasing number of regions. Demand for productivity improvement in livestock is still increasing, so how can farmers manage these challenges? Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) are being used to support farmers in these challenges. The unique fatty acids ChainCraft offers have the extra benefit that they are produced from renewable and sustainable raw materials. 

Flavours & Fragrances

Increase of global population and livings standards is driving up demand for food. At the same time, consumers request more sustainable and local products without palm oil. These trends provide excellent opportunities for food companies to innovate and develop new and unique products. Besides product and formulation development, there is an opportunity to market new products solely based on novel, more sustainable sources of ingredients. ChainCraft’s fatty acid products provide food and flavour & fragrance companies the option to work on all these three levels of innovation.



Scarcity of arable land, increasing food demand and climate change are forcing farmers to look for innovative measures to boost crop productivity. At the same time, growing awareness by farmers and consumers on sustainable and safe farming, as well as increasing regulatory pressure around various crop protection products, is driving partners in the agriculture value chain to innovate with a focus on sustainable biobased crop protection solutions. ChainCraft’s MCFAs are natural compounds and show strong performance as well as elicitor effects in a variety of conditions.


Chemicals & Materials

Continuous need for functional, economic and sustainability improvements is driving the search for novel biobased materials in the chemical industry. MCFAs are already extensively used in a variety of applications, including plasticisers, detergents, lubricants and pharmaceutical ingredients. Furthermore, they are versatile precursors or building blocks for a range of valuable chemicals, such as triglycerides, various esters and their alcohol counterparts. ChainCraft’s MCFA products provides many scientists and marketeers an opportunity to innovate unique sustainable products.