Relocation to Amsterdam


greenmills(1)Waste2Chemical opened their new laboratory and office in Amsterdam. Since july 1st we share the laboratory and office facilities of Biodiesel Amsterdam, part of the Simadan Group.  After having developed our fermentation technology within the walls of Wageningen University the time had come to be self supporting. Since in april 2013 the first investment round has been raised, with as partners Horizon 3 Venture Capital and Dutch Greentech Fund (part of Rabobank Private Equity) the company is almost ready for upscaling and is therefore expanding its team.

The biodiesel factory and it’s lab and office space is part of a larger concept, called Greenmills. Within Greenmills, several companies operate in the conversion of organic waste and residues into valuable 2nd generation bio-products like biodiesel, biogas, compost, animal feed and biochemicals. The Greenmills concept scores very high on sustainability and is a leading example in Industrial Ecology, because of the integration and re-use of several ‘waste’ streams. E.g. the electricity and heat that is being produced at the biogas plant,  is being used by other companies on the Greenmills terrain to power and heat their installations.

Waste2Chemical is planning to start their pilot plant on the Greenmills terrain and sees this concept, with its solid partners, as a perfect basis for further development and future expansion.

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