• Produced by:ChainCraft
  • Produced in:Amsterdam
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C-Craft Powder

C-Craft Powder is a special blend of fatty acid sodium salts. C-Craft Powder contains high concentrations of sodium caproate, a unique fatty acid with distinct functionality in feed and crop protection applications, among others.

The powder format is optimal for blending or milling with other components, has relatively low odour and is water soluble up to 600 mg/mL.

Fatty acid sodium salt Indicative share of dry weight (%)
C2 – Sodium Acetate 5
C3 – Sodium Propionate 1
C4 – Sodium Butyrate 30
C5 – Sodium Valerate 2,5
C6 – Sodium Caproate 60
C7 – Sodium Heptanoate 0,5
C8 – Sodium Caprylate 1,0

C-Craft Liquid is sold to the animal feed industry according to attached specifications: C-Craft Powder PDS Feed – EN

For application of C-Craft Liquid/Powder in other markets, please contact us.