• Produced in:Amsterdam
  • Produced by:ChainCraft
  • Contact:info@chaincraft.com

C-Craft Liquid

C-Craft Liquid is a special blend of fatty acid sodium salts in a 50% solution. C-Craft Liquid contains high concentrations of sodium caproate, a unique fatty acid with distinct functionality in feed and crop protection applications. And a significant portion of sodium butyrate, a classic feed additive which is widely used.

This water-based solution is optimal for liquid applications such as drinking water addition or further processing of the fatty acid compounds. Density of the solution is 1,120 g/L and its boiling point is 106 ⁰C.

Fatty acid sodium salt Indicative share of dry weight (%)
C2 – Sodium Acetate 5
C3 – Sodium Propionate 1
C4 – Sodium Butyrate 30
C5 – Sodium Valerate 2,5
C6 – Sodium Caproate 60
C7 – Sodium Heptanoate 0,5
C8 – Sodium Caprylate 1


C-Craft Liquid is sold to the animal feed industry according to attached specifications: C-Craft Liquid PDS Feed – EN

For application of C-Craft Liquid/Powder in other markets, please contact us.