Our prime product line for the animal nutrition industry.

C-Craft is a unique blend of caproic acid (C6)Caproic acid is a relative newcomer to the market as it was traditionally scarce in supply. and butyric acid (C4)Butyric acid is extensively used in the animal feed industry to boost the digestive health of livestock. Supporting the number of goblet cells impacting the villus/crypt ratio. in their sodium salt form to provide optimal support for the health and productivity of your livestock of choice.

With C-Craft you can now combine the excellent antimicrobial behavior and other performance attributes of MCFA together with the traditional butyric acid benefits.

In addition, these two acids operate in synergy, offering optimal protection of livestock against various health and productivity challenges.

C-Craft Powder

For use in premix or compound feed. Recommended dosage 0.1-0.5%.

C-Craft Liquid 

For use in compound feed via liquid dosing. Recommended dosage 0.2-1.0%.


Our fractionated acids product line for food, animal nutrition and technical applications.

X-Craft acids are high-quality fatty acids with a purity of >98%, suitable as an intermediate for a wide range of chemical derivatives.

Moreover, the acids can be used directly in animal nutrition and food & flavor applications.

The offering is as follows:

  • ButyCraft – C4 (butyric acid)
  • PentaCraft – C5 (valeric acid)
  • CaproCraft – C6 (caproic acid)
  • HeptaCraft – C7 (heptanoic acid)
  • CapryCraft – C8 (caprylic acid)

X-Craft 68

A unique medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA) blend composed of more than 90% caproic acid (C6) combined with heptanoic acid (C7) and caprylic acid (C8).

All our fatty acids are naturally produced by non-GMO fermentation of food residues, according to high quality standards. 

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