Markets & partners

ChainCraft aims to commercialize a profitable technology for processing organic waste and agro-food residues to valuable chemicals. Our technology fits within the infrastructure of the waste management and agro-food industry.

With ChainCraft’s technology, chemicals like medium chain fatty acids can be produced for market segments in the chemical industry. ChainCraft explores the different markets of medium chain fatty acids and its derivatives in close cooperation with leading companies from the chemical, food and feed industry. Main drivers in these areas are price competitiveness with oil-based products, sustainability, and product quality. Replacement of oil-based production by biological chemical production is only feasible in this way.

The bio-based building blocks, medium chain fatty acids, can be used in the chemical industry as building blocks for:

  • Feed & food applications
  • Flavours and fragrances
  • Polymers
  • Plasticizers
  • Paint and coatings
  • Lubricants


ChainCraft has partnered with leading companies in the agro-food and waste management industry. Development of new technological concepts involves multiple disciplines. Partnering with parties from the complete value chain will lead to quick development and market entry.

Agro food, organic waste and chemical industry
The development of a full scale production plant via lab, pilot and demo facilities can only be successfully realized when partners are involved. Partnerships are focused on the optimal use of feedstock and implementation of the technology in current production processes.

ChainCraft is continuously seeking cooperation with partners for the development of fermentation technology through open innovation.